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Nicholas Tam

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If you are wondering what NaJ is, it is a tennis club in East Maitland, New South Wales. NaJ didn't start all that long ago, but we have an excellent tennis program with private coaching, squads and the star squad which contains the top 6 juniors in the Callibran region. The NaJ tennis club has three coaches - Nicholas Tam, qualified coach and the Head Coach of the Callibran region who has coached one of the worlds best, Joshua French. Also Joshua French, the NaJ tennis club pro, who reached number 9 in the Classics and won the Macquarie Generation.  Peter West, who is not as well known as Nicholas or Joshua, has only played in the Northumberland region tennis but has made it to the final in division 4 and was runner  up. I'd like to thank my brother Matt for help me with this website.

If you join in the next 30 days you will receive a FREE private lesson.